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Create free presave and waitlist messaging campaigns to promote your music. Encore is a multi-platform app letting you reach your fans through text messages, email, and native push notifications.

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Take control of your next release

Encore aims to provide tools for artists, bands, and agencies looking to build effective music marketing campaigns.

Free Presave & Waitlist Landing Pages

Message your fans with waitlists and add music to their libraries with presave campaigns.


Add music directly to a fan's library for free using Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. We'll even notify them when it's available.

Custom phone number / email address

Send messages to fans from a phone number or email address you own.

Scheduled and direct reach

Fans register for a text, email, or push notification and select their preferred streaming platform. We'll send them your scheduled message and a stream link on release day.

Build contact lists

Collect contact information and associate groups to future waitlist campaigns. With Encore, you'll no longer spend marketing budget on re-aquiring existing fans for new campaigns.

In-depth analytics

Understand your audience by viewing click-through metrics including geo-location, acquisition, platform clicks, and more.


Organize campaigns by team. Add / remove members and assign roles to each user.

Upgrade to a paid license

Take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Automated text responses

Configure keywords that trigger automated responses to your fans (ex. !socials / #music).

Timezone optimized messaging

Configure your rollout so you can make sure fans receive a message when they're awake.

Export contacts

Own your contact lists, no limits here.

Custom domain

Maintain branding consistency with a recognizable domain your fans will trust.

Animated artwork

Engage your fans with animated artwork, a short looping visual you can add to your landing page.

Facebook Pixel

Embed your own Pixel to track custom conversions and build re-targeting campaigns.

Encore branding removed

Build professional landing pages without Encore branding.
Encore Landing Page

Message your top fans

Connect with your fans through conversational text messaging with a Free or Paid license. Receive responses in real time and build out lasting relationships.

“Ask fans for feedback on a demo or announce a new release. Encore is your ultimate music marketing tool”

Jordan Lewallen, Founder of Encore
Messaging user interface

License Tiers

Create presaves and waitlists for free and only pay for what you use. As you grow, consider upgrading for additional benefits.


An entry level tier useful for developing artists. Only pay for what you use with no monthly fee.

$0 /mo

+ pay-as-you-go

What's included

  • 1 team member
  • 10% fee on messaging services
  • Free presave campaigns
  • Free waitlist campaigns
  • Build contact lists
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited phone numbers
  • Smart link pages
  • 28-day analytics
  • Encore branding


Create campaigns without fees and take full advantage of our marketing tools.

$0 /mo

+ pay-as-you-go

# of licenses

What's included

  • All features from Free and...
  • Unlimited team members
  • No fee on messaging services
  • Automated text triggers
  • Time zone optimized messaging
  • Custom domains
  • Animated artwork
  • Export SMS / Email contacts to CSV
  • Facebook Pixel
  • All-time analytics
  • Encore branding removed
Phone Numbers (Text)
To send and receive text messages from fans, you'll need to purchase a phone number.
Starting at
$2.00 /mo
Regulatory Compliance (Text, US numbers only)
To improve carrier deliverability, Encore requires teams using US-based phone numbers to identify who they are to the carrier networks and register what type of messages they are sending. Select the tier that fits your needs. Standard brand fees are imposed by the carriers and passed on directly to you.
Registration fee
Monthly fee
$0 /mo
Message limit
3,000 /day
Message rate (MPS)
1 /second
Registration fee
Monthly fee
$10.00 /mo
Message limit
Message rate (MPS)
Up to 75 /second

Predictable pricing

On-demand, only pay for what you use

Text Message (US)
Push Notification

Encore Waitlist Example

A campaign that sends 500 Text Messages (US), 500 Emails, and 500 Push Notifications will cost $8.75.
Cost Breakdown
(300 Texts (US) x $0.01) + (500 Emails x $0.005) + (500 Push x $0.0025) = $8.75
Paid license required for a fee-less campaign.
Man on microphone

Fan engagement

Encore helps engage fans with your music

Campaigns are built to be simple. Fans can register for your presave or waitlist in seconds. On release day, send an actionable message that encourages fans to stream your new release. Check out what Encore has done for other artists.

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